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All-In-One solution for acne-prone skin

The most complete triple action system to fight pimples and blackheads that is dermatologically tested, non-photosensitive, and antibacterial.

ProductNormAdvance Cleanser
Regulatory statusCosmetic
Principle ingredientsSalicylic acid, Glycolic acid, Urea peroxide
IndicationsNon-aggressive skin cleansing preventing dehydration. Soothes and purifies skin via an exfoliating effect
Packaging100ml bottle
UsageTo be used in the skincare routine morning and night
AkneKit day treatment - Expand
ProductNormAdvance day treatment
Regulatory statusCosmetic
Principle ingredientsHyaluronic acid, Hydrogen peroxide
IndicationsHydrates the skin with no oily effect
Packaging30ml tube, perfume free
UsageDay treatment. Non photosensitizing, can be used outdoors. No side effect
AkneKit night treatment - Expand
ProductNormAdvance night treatment
Regulatory statusCosmetic
Principle ingredientsRatania (Krameria triandra extract), Glycolic acid, Kojic acid
IndicationsExfoliating action due to Glycolic and Kojic acid. Regulates sebum production, limits bacterial proliferation and inflammation. Dermatologically tested.
Packaging30ml tube, perfume free
UsageNight treatment

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