NormAdvance products PackagingBMG Pharma launches NormAdvance, the complete solution for the management of acne

BMG Pharma is pleased to announce the launch of NormAdvance™, an innovative new 3-product kit to manage the symptoms of mild to moderate acne. The product will be marketed in Italy via NormAdvance™ retail website.

Marco Mastrodonato, CEO of BMG Pharma commented: “85% of Acne patients have mild to moderate acne and initially do not visit a dermatologist for treatment but seek self-medication. Currently, there is no such complete efficacious treatment available on the EU market which covers these patients’ requirements.”

NormAdvance is a comprehensive kit of 3 modern products, based on a unique combination of ingredients with clinical data proving efficacy.

This trio of products cleanses, moisturizes and manages acne-prone skin. In addition, it is as effective as Benzoyl peroxide while unlike the latter, can be used during summer, since it is proven to be non-photosensitizing; allowing a seamless continued treatment and improved clinical results due to better patient compliance.

A clinical study performed on 120 male and female patients, aged 14 to 40 years old to compare the safety and effectiveness of a hydrogen peroxide-based acne regimen (NormAdvance™, BMG Pharma) to a benzoyl peroxide based regimen, showed outstanding and in some cases better results for NormAdvance™ in terms of efficacy, compatibility, improvement of the skin over time, tolerability and pleasantness.
For more product information please visit NormAdvance™ website.

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