BMG Pharma acquires an R&D company focused on modified hyaluronic acid

July 11th, 2018 Milan, Italy:

BMG Pharma S.r.l., an innovative specialty pharmaceutical company, is pleased to announce the creation of a new company (named BMG Pharma S.p.A.) with Sigea S.r.l, an Italian company with expertise in targeted research and development of functional ingredients development currently focused on modified polysaccharides for application in a number of therapeutic areas including aesthetic dermatology, osteoarthritis and oral care.

Sigea was founded in 1996 following a spin-off from a cooperative research company, Polytech SCaRL, and is located in AREA Science Park of Padriciano (TS). It employs a number of scientists with key skills in synthetic, analytical, biological chemistry and in development of functional ingredients in the field of cosmetics and medical devices who have already demonstrated a strong product development capability with a number of key partnerships.

The new company will give BMG the opportunity to rapidly complete the development of a number of new patent protected products with topical and subcutaneous applications, which it will be able to offer to its network of global marketing partners for the benefit of patients globally.

Marco Mastrodonato, formerly CEO of BMG Pharma S.r.l. & Roberto Bianchi , President of Sigea S.r.l now CEO and Chairman of the Board of BMG Pharma S.p.A., commented– “This is an important step for the companies and represents a significant growth opportunity by creating a new team with improved capabilities already focused in product innovation, regulatory expertise and commercial partnering and the new pipeline will allow the company to develop unique propositions in topical and injectable areas of applications.

About BMG Pharma S.p.A.
BMG Pharma S.p.A. is a specialty pharmaceutical company with its head office in Milan, Italy, leveraging its proprietary technology to develop products that address unmet needs for patients. The Company is currently focused on partnering its product portfolio in dermatology, oral / nasal care, anaemia, gynaecology, aesthetics, osteoarthritis and cancer supportive care. BMG Pharma S.p.A. is dedicated to helping pharma companies in providing valuable and innovative products to patients, pharmacists and physicians.

The Company’s core areas are:
Bringing innovative products to market quickly with supportive clinical data.
Specific & differentiated regulatory strategies for each product as Prescription and OTC Medical Devices in EC and US to allow rapid market introduction.
IP protection for most products and technologies.

Full involvement in business collaboration and partnering.
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