BMG Pharma and Pierre Fabre partnership for Aftacure

February 27 2018. MILAN, Italy & CASTRES, France.

BMG Pharma S.r.l., an Italian specialty pharmaceutical company is pleased to announce that its partner, Pierre Fabre Laboratories, the second-largest French private pharmaceutical laboratory has launched Aftacure Gel and Aftacure Spray under their Elgydium Clinic brand as Cicalium Gel and Cicalium Spray. These innovative products are targeted to provide fast pain relief and promote healing for oral lesions, including aphthous ulcers.

Pierre Fabre Oral Care under its trademark “Elgydium Clinic” benefits from a strong recognition by dentists, hygienists and pharmacists in France as well as worldwide. This launch of Cicalium Gel and Cicalium Spray expands their range of products into France and strengthens their position in dental and oral health.

Pascal Lefrançois, Head of Pierre Fabre Consumer Health Care commented “We are leveraging our strong position in Europe in oral and dental health products to provide an innovation in the professional management of oral lesions with the launch of Cicalium Gel & Spray.“

Marco Mastrodonato, Founder & CEO of BMG Pharma S.r.l commented – “We are very pleased with the launch of our products Aftacure Gel and Aftacure Spray, which under Pierre Fabre’s knowledge and experience in dental area will reach a large number of patients allowing them to receive fast pain relief for mouth lesions.“

About Aftacure Gel and Aftacure Spray

Aftacure Gel and Aftacure Spray have been registered in Europe as medical devices for several years and their key ingredients – PVP, taurine, zinc gluconate – form a protective barrier over the mouth, protecting it and providing pain relief while also promoting healing. Thanks to their innovative formula, Aftacure Gel and Aftacure Spray are indicated in the treatment of canker sores, irritation and lesions in the mouth due to oral surgery, traumatic ulcers caused by orthodontic devices or dentures. They act through film-forming properties, adhere to the mucosa and produce a barrier that helps to relieve pain and promote healing.


BMG Pharma S.r.l
Mrs. Loredana Galli