Why did BMG Pharma modify sodium hyaluronate?

Following our 2018 acquisition of Sigea, BMG has been refocusing on developing products based on modified Sodium Hyaluronate (SH).

Most healthcare professionals are familiar with Sodium Hyaluronate and its important role in the human body. It is a biologically active natural component of the human body with a significant role in synovial fluid. SH acts as the key factor in the equilibrium of Extra Cellular Matrix components and has a central role in cutaneous homeostasis and in many biological processes including collagen production, moisturization, and keratinocyte production.

However, sodium hyaluronate is prone to enzymatic and radical degradation. Aging reduces SH turnover and increases its degradation. Also, in some diseases such as arthritis or osteoarthritis, the degradation of synovial fluid occurs extensively.

To boost Sodium Hyaluronate’s positive biological features, BMG modified and combined this biocompatible and biologically active polysaccharide with three different biological active functional molecules i.e. Butyrate, Formate, and Lipoate, with the aim to not only maintain the natural endogenous SH and its functionality in the body but also to reduce its turnover in irritated skin or in inflamed joints.

This patent protected innovative approach has resulted in the creation of several synergistic biomaterials and products that bring not only additional but exponential improvements to the original molecule – Sodium Hyaluronate.
Stay tuned for more information on the applications and benefits of these new extraordinary biomaterials.

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