What is Hyaluromimethic® Technology?


Sodium Hyaluronate (SH) or Hyaluronic Acid (HA) has been used by many companies to produce products for skin care and the treatment and management of diseases like osteoarthritis and dry eyes. However, the applications and properties of their products were limited by the shortcomings of this molecule and ended at a certain level!

The endpoint for the other companies and products has become the starting point for BMG to devise and patent a novel technology to overcome the shortcomings of SH by modifying and improving it while maintaining 100% of its properties. To modify the Sodium Hyaluronate, we focused on the substitution of hydroxylic bonds in the molecule rather than substituting the carboxylic bonds.

Modifying Sodium Hyaluronate on its carboxylic bonds is early and well-established chemistry which has minor and acceptable results in affecting the main characteristics of SH. Also, carboxylic substitution affects the solubility of Sodium Hyaluronate in water because a higher substitution reduces solubility. On the other hand, modification of SH molecule on its hydroxylic bonds is a complex procedure that creates a larger number of reaction sites, which means there is the possibility to modulate the properties of SH in a larger range. It’s possible to charge, up to four or five times more “active” molecules on the polysaccharidic backbone than on carboxylic bonds. Two classes of hydroxylic functions (primary and secondary) allow a selective modification that implies a greater change in SH characteristics. Moreover, hydroxylic substitution changes the hydrogen bond patterns of Sodium Hyaluronate by introducing hydrophobic interactions; this does not influence the major water interaction with polysaccharide backbone, which means the most important interactions that influence viscosity and stiffness of the polymer do not change and this modulates changes to Sodium Hyaluronate for mild but dramatic changes.
Hydroxylic modification of Sodium Hyaluronate is a smart modification with a small change in the structure of this polysaccharide that results in a big impact on biological characteristics and compatibility of the original molecule (SH).
This novel and patented approach to modifying Sodium Hyaluronate on its hydroxylic bonds is what is called Hyaluromimethic® Technology, developed by BMG Pharma.

With its outstanding features, Hyaluromimethic® Technology is suitable for the development of topical and injectable products in dermatology and skin care, oral care, ophthalmology and eye care, osteoarthritis, and gynecology.

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