Colder months & COVID-19: how to keep the virus at bay?

covid-19 - Masked people respecting social distancing on public transport due to pandemic


We need to be prepared for the possibility that, in the absence of a quickly available vaccine, the management of COVID-19 will be incremental on multiple fronts. As numerous experts have been explaining for months, this uncertainty does not imply however that we should not prepare for the worst scenarios, working to strengthen health systems and implementing good practices to reduce the spread of the infection (physical distancing, use of masks where necessary, washing hands often and well, self-isolation for suspicious symptoms and contact tracing).

To defend oneself and limit the spread of the infection, prevention remains the most effective weapon. To address this and intervene with the spread of the virus in a more rapid and targeted way BMG Pharma has developed an alcohol-free product range branded as GramX®.

What is GramX® product range?

GramX® product range is the only range of products available based on patented IALUVANCE COMPLEX™ to prevent viral and bacterial infections through contact with contaminated surfaces and ambients. This alcohol-free product range contains Hydrogen Peroxide at a high concentration and acts as a barrier to infections. Contact with hydrogen peroxide, at a concentration as low as 0.5%, will inactivate various viruses with fatty envelopes like coronavirus.

Hydrogen peroxide works by producing destructive hydroxyl free radicals that can attack membrane lipids, DNA, and other essential cell components. Catalase, produced by aerobic organisms and facultative anaerobes that possess cytochrome systems, can protect cells from metabolically produced hydrogen peroxide by degrading hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygen. This defense is overwhelmed by the concentrations used for disinfection.

Introduction of GramX® family

As also mentioned in an article by Forbs, mouthwashes are effective but not widely used tools against coronavirus. A study “on the role of nasal irrigation and gargling for the common cold” showed shorter illness, a 35% reduction in infecting other family members, and a reduction in the viral spread.

Nasal and oral cavities are extremely delicate areas of the body and their proper protection is essential to avoid incurring infections. Two products in the GramX® family were specifically developed to address these areas, GramX® Rinse and GramX® Nasal Spray.

GramX rinse and nasal spray for protection against diseases like covid-19
  • GramX® Rinse is an antiseptic rinse containing Hydrogen Peroxide at a concentration of 1.8% and acts as a barrier from infections. It is indicated to help to prevent complications caused by infections in the oral cavity contributing to creating a microbiocidal environment. Furthermore, the hyaluronic acid forms a protective barrier that adheres to the mucosa protecting it from external agents.
  • GramX® Nasal Spray helps to prevent complications caused by infections in the nasal cavity contributing to creating a microbiocidal environment.

Hydrogen Peroxide sanitizers have many advantages compared to other chemical disinfectants. Some of them include bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal, and sporicidal action, non-toxic, deodorizing action, non-staining, and non-flammable, and fast-acting. The use of disinfectants like alcohol-based sanitizers although a reliable way to cleanse, can lead to and exacerbate dry skin. This condition can be worsened if there are many cracks in the skin or you have dry chapped hands. That is why we included GramX® hand cream cleanser and GramX® surface and hand sanitizers in this product range.

GramX cream sanitizer for protection against diseases like covid-19
  • GramX® hand cream cleanser is an effective solution designed to thoroughly disinfect the skin while having a moisturizing effect in a single unique formulation.
  • GramX® surface sanitizer is a spray suitable for cleansing and sanitizing all surfaces. This product is suitable for multi-material surfaces, painted metals, steel parts, and plastics. In addition to the sanitizing effect, the oxidizing capacity of Hydrogen Peroxide allows the breakup of dirt and the elimination of colored stains and bad odors.
  • GramX® hand sanitizer is indicated for cleansing and sanitization of the hands and skin.

It would seem that SARS-CoV-2 likes to go around with a scarf and hat! In view of the coming colder months, we will have a few more weapons to defend ourselves and by respecting best practices together with good policies managing the spread of the virus would be easier in these months.



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