Business Model

BMG Pharma develops and out-licenses new innovative healthcare products that are partnered with companies around the world for commercialization via its global distribution network.

BMG business model


  • Product Development
    We start the process with the development phase by identifying market needs where a new product with clear benefits could offer advantages to patients/consumers/users.
    Once we have a product aligned with our mission and portfolio, we utilize our integrated capabilities, in-house knowledge, and external labs to complete the development of a product’s formulation from own patented ingredients. The formulations go through several clinical testing for safety and efficacy.
  • Registration
    We continue the process by in-house development of the regulatory and marketing pathways for Europe and the US to achieve the product approvals.
  • Out-licensing and Partnership
    Furthermore, we partner with companies around the world to out-license and distribute our products in their territories under their own marketing plans but with BMG pharma’s brand names.
  • Manufacturing
    BMG Pharma carries no in-house stocks and the manufacturing of the products for our distributors is done upon their order, by third-party manufacturing companies who follow the highest quality standards.
  • Support
    We collaborate with our partners to make sure that they are successful in implementing their marketing plans and product launches in own territory by providing training and managing our alliance with them.