About us

BMG Pharma is an Italian B2B biotechnology company focused on the development and out-licensing of innovative patented products.

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BMG Pharma

develops and out-licenses new innovative healthcare products that are partnered with companies around the world for commercialization via its global distribution network.
We offer a current and extensive portfolio of marketed products and a full development pipeline of new products based on our innovative Hyaluromimethic® Technology.
BMG is present in a diverse range of therapeutic areas including oral care, dermatology, aesthetics, osteoarthritis and women’s health.

BMG Pharma B2B Model

Founded in 2011, BMG Pharma is a B2B biotech company strongly dedicated to innovation in developing and registering, cutting-edge medical products. BMG Pharma responds to people’s needs by focusing on 3 main therapeutic areas: oral care, dermatology/aesthetic dermatology, and osteoarthritis.

Headquartered in Milan, Italy, BMG Pharma has a production site in Troviscosa (UD), one of Europe’s leading technology hubs focused on the development of new state-of-the-art biopolymers.

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BMG Pharma operates in more than 75 countries around the world, marketing its products in Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Latin America via a dense network of collaborators. It has signed a significant number of distribution agreements and boasts partnerships with five contract manufacturing organizations (CMO) world leaders for the manufacturing of its products. In June 2018, it acquired Sigea Srl, a private Italian biotech company, with an important pipeline in the field of patented polysaccharide derivatives that has allowed it to expand the product portfolio and accelerate the development of new products, using its patented Hyaluromimethic® Technology.

BMG Leadership


BMG executives team is the company’s senior-most leadership and decision-making management body. It brings together our top leaders to focus on major financial, strategic, and operational decisions for the company.
The Management Team brings together wide-ranging expertise from across the whole of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and healthcare.

Governance system

The governance system adopted by BMG Pharma is oriented towards creating value for the interests of all stakeholders. BMG Pharma believes it is essential to clearly define the values and social role that enable it to contribute to the processes of cohesion, inclusion, and overall sustainability in the areas and within the communities in which it operates.

bmgpharma about us governance system