• Indication:
    Sickle Cell Disease
  • Key ingredients:
    Ethyl Cervonate* (DHAEE)
  • Packaging:
    Once a day Minicap Softgels
  • Regulatory:
    Orphan Drugs
  • Status:
    Phase-2B / Phase-3 *ETHYL CERVONATE is a trademark of Sancilio & Company, Inc.


A New Paradigm in Sickle Cell Disease Treatment for Children through a Proprietary Platform for Enhanced Absorption of Lipophilic Drugs.
SC411 is an investigational drug that uses ALT designed to prevent painful crises in Sickle Cell Disease patients.

SC411 Product Benefits

  • The largest study ever conducted in support that Omega-3 is safe and well tolerated in patients with Sickle Cell Disease
  • Studies show that Omega-3 helps Sickle Cell patients achieve significant and sustained reduction in painful crises, along with significant improvement in anemia with a reduction in the need for blood transfusions
  • Children with Sickle Cell Disease who took Omega-3 had fewer absences in school and overall better attendance than children with Sickle Cell Disease who did not take Omega-3

Major Milestones

  • U.S. Orphan Drug Designation granted April 2015
  • FDA pre-IND meeting completed
  • Pivotal clinical protocol reviewed by FDA
  • IND filed and accepted by FDA in December of 2015