• Indication:
    Sickle Cell Disease
  • Key ingredients:
    Ethyl Cervonate™ * (DHAEE)
  • Packaging:
    Once a day Minicap Softgels
  • Regulatory:
    Orphan Drugs
  • Status:
    Phase-2B / Phase-3 *ETHYL CERVONATE™ is a trademark of Sancilio & Company, Inc.


A New Paradigm in Sickle Cell Disease Treatment for Children through a Proprietary Platform for Enhanced Absorption of Lipophilic Drugs.

Altemia™ is an investigational drug that uses ALT® designed to prevent painful crises in Sickle Cell Disease patients.

Altemia™ Product Benefits

  • The largest study ever conducted in support that Ethyl Cervonate is safe and well tolerated in patients with Sickle Cell Disease
  • Studies show that Ethyl Cervonate helps Sickle Cell patients achieve significant and sustained reduction in painful crises, along with significant improvement in anemia with a reduction in the need for blood transfusions
  • Children with Sickle Cell Disease who took Ethyl Cervonate had fewer absences in school and overall better attendance than children with Sickle Cell Disease who did not take Ethyl Cervonate

Major Milestones

  • U.S. Orphan Drug Designation granted April 2015
  • FDA pre-IND meeting completed
  • Pivotal clinical protocol reviewed by FDA
  • IND filed and accepted by FDA in December of 2015

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