• Indication:
    Severe Hypertriglyceridemia
  • Key ingredients:
    EPA, DHR, Omega3
  • Packaging:
    Softgel Minicap Bits
  • Regulatory:
  • Status:

A phase-3 ready product that uses a proprietary platform for enhanced absorption of lipophilic drugs that effectively reduces triglycerides.

SC401 with the Advanced Lipid Technologies® (ALT®) Platform is an investigational drug designed to reduce triglycerides through increased bioavailability and lower dosing, which may potentially reduce comorbidities associated with higher triglycerides.

ALT® Technology Is A Proprietary Micelle-Based Formulation That Has Been Clinically Demonstrated To:

Create engineered micelles, allowing for improved lipid absorption

Enhance bioavailability of lipid and lipophilic materials

Reduce triglycerides in 14 days

Allow for lower dosing – 42.5% vs. competitors

Reduce the food effect

Allow for smaller, easier to swallow SoftGel than currently available treatment

SC401 Product Advantages:

  • Clinically proven reduction of triglycerides
  • No burping or aftertaste as compared to existing therapies
  • Reduces number of capsules/API
  • Reduces COGS by 50% or more
  • Strong patent protection; innovation vs. other similar products

Major Milestones
üMultiple Human Phase II trials completed
üApproved IND
üPrepared for Phase III

Studies Demonstrate the Efficacy of SC401

Comparison of SC401 With Omacor® Lipid Bioavailability Study Under Normal Conditions

Licensing Considerations:

Country-specific licenses or global partnerships available

MiniCaps® and seamless bead formulations

Short approval pathway for NDA or equivalent approval

API source established at low prices