Marco Mastrodonato

"Since 1989 I have focused our corporate creative energies on innovative products which have a non-traditional profile to provide patients a safe and efficacious solution to a targeted condition.
Dermal and Mucosal inflammation have been the principal areas of research and development. Identifying synergies between ingredients, delivery systems and patient need has delivered the success which BMG enjoys today.
Creating innovative products for the pharma and healthcare industries with a commitment to partnership is our primary commercial goal.
Our extensive experience and success make BMG a valuable partner for companies seeking an outsourced development solution provider".

Marco Mastrodonato, CEO and Founder.

Founder & CEO of BMG Pharma, founder and former Board Member of Metrodora Therapeutics Inc, a biotech company focusing on systemic inflammation and treatment of anemia presently conducting a phase I clinical trial in the US; founder and former Chairman of Delife Pharma Srl a specialty dermatology company which was acquired by the Menarini Group in 2015, Mr. Mastrodonato is also founder and chairman of an innovative startup in energy segment GRAFCO2 Srl, a company developing a new refrigerating system without the need for electricity.

As a founder and former Executive Director of Sinclair Pharma plc, listed on LSE, Mr. Mastrodonato headed up the Business Development, Licensing and Product Development Division of the group for 9 years, after the 2001 Sinclair, acquisition of Propharma Srl, which he founded in May 2001. Mr. Mastrodonato guided Sinclair from being a branded generics company into the Dermatology, Oral Care and Cancer Support markets, with the invention and regulatory registration with the FDA and EU of two first in class medical device regulate products. In 2004 with the acquisition of Euroderm Spa, the operating company in Italy, Mr. Mastrodonato was nominated Chairman of the Board for the local Italian subsidiary which was responsible for marketing and sales of Sinclair’s dermatology products in the Italian market. During 9 years at Sinclair, Mr. Mastrodonato contributed to several publications and posters in the R&D of Oral Care and Dermatology and was a named inventor on 10 patents.

Between 1996 and 1998 Mr Mastrodonato worked as consultant at Carrington Laboratories Inc., a US based bio-pharmaceutical research company, specifically in licensing and importing products from the US to Europe.

Prior to 1998, Mr Mastrodonato founded Protema SPA, an Italian agro-chemical company. Between 1989 and 1996 he led the European Operation of the clinical research organization, AAI Pharma Inc. and between 1987 and 1989 he worked for the privately owned company OEMF SPA, publisher of the pharmaceutical directory, Informatore Farmaceutico, a family business.
Mr. Mastrodonato’s long experience in the global pharma business has led to multiple successes in licensing, corporate development and entrepreneurship.

Marco Mastrodonato