BMG PHARMA S.r.l announces the signature of a Distribution Agreement for its proprietary product IALUXID® Gel with LatAm HQ Health Ltd, UK for the territory of Central and South America. LatAm HQ will also launch in the same territory other BMG proprietary products such as AKENKIT and NASAL SPRAY SOLUTIONS.

June 18th 2015

BMG Pharma S.r.l. is pleased to announce the signature of a  Distribution Agreement with LatAm HQ Health Ltd on 30th April 2015, for the territory of Brazil and Colombia, with an option right for other countries in Central and South America, Spanish and English Caribbean.

Ialuxid®: Approved in Europe as medical device, IaluXid® gel forms a protective film against external agents and prevents the bacterial infections. Thanks to its ability to manage the cutaneous microenvironment of damaged skin, IaluXid® can be used in acne lesions, folliculitis, paronychia, impetigo and Molluscum contagiosum.

Aknekit: Innovative 3 in 1 system for acneic skin, including a day treatment, a night treatment and a cleanser.

Nasal Spray Solutions:

Isotonic solution (sodium chloride 0.9%) for daily nasal and /or ear hygiene for adults, children, and newborns

Hypertonic solution (sodium chloride 2.2%) designed to decongest nasal cavities and blocked noses for adults and children over 6. Recommended for long-term use as an alternative to nasal decongestants.

”We are proud to cooperate with LatAm HQ who will be acting to bring the product to market as quickly as possible ” – said Marco Mastrodonato, CEO of BMG Pharma S.r.l. – “We are pleased to offer our product IaluXid to allow patients to receive the best care possible by using an innovative delivery technology to provide fast pain relief to skin infections. “This partnership is a major milestone for BMG as allows our company to enter the Central and South-American market and we are sure that LatAm HQ will implement strategies in order to support the distribution of IaluXid in all these markets”.

Harry Paul, CEO of LatAm HQ said “We are very excited about our agreement with BMG Pharma. This is an important milestone for us and we are looking forward to bringing these new innovative products to Latin American patients who we see would benefit from them greatly. We are confident about our capabilities to bring these products to market effectively and we look forward to a successful, long term partnership with BMG.”

About LatAm HQ Health Ltd
With offices in the UK, Panama and Buenos Aires, LatAm HQ Health Ltd is a regionally focused distributor for pharmaceuticals and medical devices throughout Latin America. LatAm HQ provides manufacturers of these specialties with a single region-wide solution for accelerating penetration and growth in Latin American markets. LatAm HQ works through its own network of in-country specialized distributors to ensure the most adequate access to the end user,  providing added value solutions through marketing and sales support, clinical training and as well as regulatory affairs

Key Advantages include:

• Single point of contact for the entire region
• Single distribution hub
• Focus on distributor support through coordinated regulatory, commercial and marketing activities

For further information please visit:
Or contact: Harry Paul

About BMG
BMG is a specialty pharmaceutical company with head office in Milan, Italy, leveraging its proprietary technology to develop products that address unmet needs of patients. The company is currently focused on cancer supportive care, dermatology gynecology, ENT and oral health. BMG Pharma. is dedicated to helping patients, pharmacists and physicians by providing valuable and innovative products to the market.

The Company’s key features are:

  • Full involvement in business and partnering
  • Presence in different therapeutic areas
  • Specific regulatory strategies for each product as Prescription and OTC Medical Devices in EC and US to allow rapid market introduction. BMG focuses on bringing products to market quickly with supportive clinical data.
  • IP protection for most of the products and technologies

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and contact : Mrs. Loredana Galli

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